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End-to-End Corporate Venture Building

We build more than we consult. We know the market and we go all the way with you –– from the first idea to the foundation of the venture and beyond.

Let’s build new, innovative business models together that solve pressing problems for your customers by leveraging your assets.

We are results-oriented. We work with our proven methodology and 360-degree team approach from day one.


  • Innovate Your Future

    We identify your growth potential and help create a structured approach to innovation.

  • Get Market-Ready

    We commercialize business ideas from initial revenues to scalable and profitable business models.

  • Become an Ecosystem Player

    We position you as an ecosystem and platform organization with the power to shape entire industries.

  • Get 100% Commitment

    Together with our clients, we share risks and invest in ideas we truly believe in.


We are a team of experienced entrepreneurs, passionate about building exciting new ventures. When working with our partner companies, our focus is on value creation. We develop the business model. We build the team. We create the brand. We drive sales. We turn ideas into successful ventures.

Our value equation 1+1=3 means: Together we create more value than each of us alone. There are many ways to create value together. Through our partnership, you can –– get market-ready –– become an ecosystem player –– innovate your future –– empower your employees –– and much more.

All of us are builders

‍Building a venture from scratch requires a big team and plenty of experience –– it is costly, takes time and requires expertise.

Our team covers all necessary competences and is 100% flexible. We place the highest value on quality and dedicate ourselves to every task with passion. With the right focus at the right time, our team covers a broad range of competencies.

Venture Architects

Our VAs are high-performing generalists with a broad range of expertise. They take on all the tasks that the first employees of any startup would take on.


Design is how something looks, how it feels – and how it works. It serves branding, influences performance and ultimately determines the success of a business.


When building a new venture, good product management is key – from turning the MVP concept into prototypes to developing a roadmap.


To replace our VAs ultimately, our in-house recruiting agency hires the best talent and builds a strong team for your venture –– from the MD to sales and marketing staff.

Sales & Marketing

With our sales solutions, we can quickly build a sales funnel, generate relevant leads and convert them into first paying customers.


Master of numbers: Our finance team takes care of all the numbers so that the founding team can fully concentrate on building the venture.

Engineering & Development

Whether it's an app, software or website – our Devs develop everything the new venture needs in close collaboration with our product team and design studio.

IT & Legal

These teams are just as indispensable. They ensure that everything runs smoothly in the background.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to corporate venture building

Each situation requires a different set of skills at each stage. Our competencies are results-oriented and adapt flexibly to the respective situation.

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