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More power, fewer resources: parallel logic strands generate business model ideas in up to 25 individually selectable innovation fields.

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You receive customized results that are derived directly from your strategy and build on your ambitions.

Fastest results

Achieve in hours what would otherwise take weeks: With your individual analysis, you can discover business potential even faster and make targeted use of it.

Best-in-class quality

High-quality results through our specially trained Large Language Model (LLM), which are additionally verified by experts.

It all starts with an idea

We have put all our experience into the development of our Business Model - AI. Our automated platform turns every idea into a unique success story.

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Unlimited business models in record time

Our Business Model — AI opens the door to limitless innovation. The fastest way to validate your business model with real customer feedback.

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Generate new business ideas even faster, easier and more efficiently - and achieve in hours what would otherwise take a team weeks.


Give Tautiom comprehensive information about your strategies and business goals.


Business Model - AI generates business models based on our business intelligence mechanisms.


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Business model generation
Definition of your innovation setup
Demo AI report
Business model concept
Your idea becomes an entrepreneurial opportunity
Full AI report
Ideation Workshop
Business model piloting
Market test with customer feedback
First implementation
Start of marketing
Increase in growth and sales
Expansion into new markets

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Receive an analysis tailored to you and your company and implement your AI-generated business model quickly and successfully with us.

Comprehensive pitch deck with market, target group and business model analysis based on current market data
Iteration possible by selecting a different innovation field
Business model concept ready for implementation
Tested by our Venture Building Team
1.5h scoping workshop to record further strategy parameters and select megatrends and fields of innovation
Business model -Discovery
Joint identification of strategically attractive fields of innovation
AI-supported business model generation and definition of an individual idea prioritization system
Business model ready for implementation based on the individual prioritization system
Comprehensive pitch deck with market, target group and business model analysis based on current market data
4-6h workshop (incl. 1 week preparation for the market environment analysis)
GenKI-based business model sprint
Joint prioritization of the most attractive business model
Construction of a first prototype
Piloting the business model on the market with real customer feedback
Evaluation of market feedback and development of a decision-making basis for further implementation
4-8 weeks implementation by our Venture Building Team
GenKI-supported implementation

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