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We are your implementation partner for

Rapid increase in portfolio value
Cost reduction through increased efficiency
Asset analysis beyond the status quo
Digital transformation at core business level
Future-Skillset Hiring
Increase in ROI /
~ factor 4 MM
10+ Private Equity
Data-based view
on exit readiness
Focus on IRR
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Business innovation with startup spirit

We have created over 550 million euros in enterprise value by developing new revenue streams.

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Venture sales in 2022

Why do Bridgemaker and PEs go so well together?

With our many years of experience in non-core venture building and operational digital transformation, we maximize value creation and drive rapid portfolio growth - from acquisition to exit.

Sebastian Esser

Managing Partner

Director Business Development

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Exploiting growth opportunities in all phases of the investment - how Bridgemaker can help


Efficiency Catalyst Suite


Visionary Asset Evaluation


PE Execution Studio

Value Creation

We maximize your internal efficiency.

Through effective project management and process automation, we take care of everything from process mapping to onboarding to make your daily tasks more efficient. This increases transparency between teams, clarifies responsibilities and guarantees a consistent and complete process.
Case Study
Monday Execution - Increased efficiency in standard processes
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Value Creation

We identify and translate growth potential...

...beyond the status quo into realizable full potential plans. We create your full potential plan during the acquisition phase and can give you an outlook on the value creation phase of your asset even before the purchase. This allows us to start the value creation phase from 0 to 100 without blocking further time for analysis.
Case Study
NESTOR - Clear value creation roadmap already during the acquisition
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Value Creation

We transform strategic visions into tangible results...

We implement value creation plans directly in your company and support you in realizing your full potential. From developing the people strategy to recruiting and introducing new tools and processes, we go beyond concepts.
Case Study
Dr. Kielstein - Operational implementation at all levels
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Private equity rethought -
Our self-developed AI tool Tautiom not only helps in the SME sector but also in the essential steps for value enhancement in the PE context

Our AI tool makes it possible to underpin investment hypotheses quickly and efficiently with market data. It helps to screen and compare potential targets and enables future visions to be developed during the acquisition phase. It also automates the creation of value creation plans and supports the design of exit scenarios.
Individual analysis
Results in record time
Secure a competitive advantage

We accompany you from acquisition to exit - for sustainable growth.

Sebastian Esser, Managing Partner

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