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How we became what we are today

We are Bridgemaker, the leading independent corporate venture builder based in Berlin and Dubai. We build new business models alongside their core business for some of the most exciting hidden champions, family businesses and mid-sized companies in Germany, Europe and the Middle East.

How it all began

April 2016 --

You know that exciting, tingling feeling of energy that spreads to your fingertips? That's exactly how I felt when I founded Bridgemaker in 2016.

Found with friends

You know that exciting, tingling feeling of energy that spreads to your fingertips? That's exactly how I felt when I founded Bridgemaker in 2016.

Photo of Henrike Luszick

Henrike Luszick

- Founder & CEO

I passionately believe in corporate venture building. This vision led me to found Bridgemaker and motivates me to this day. My goal is to actively shape our social and economic future, especially in Germany and Europe, but also beyond.

Image of Partner Thies Hofmann

Building a strong core

Thies Hofmann

Looking back, I feel like I founded Bridgemaker with friends. With Thies as my first partner, I immediately had someone on board who is just as enthusiastic and thinks like me. We put the customer perspective in the foreground and are not afraid to lend a hand ourselves. Our first customer was based in Munich, so we rented an apartment there - a place full of startup vibes and at the same time our temporary home.

Photo of a chocolate bar

Sweet like

A strong team at the new headquarters

The offices of a former chocolate manufacturer became our first professional headquarters.

With the parade, things really got going - things got serious.

A dream became a team

We hired our first employees and founded our first Bridgemaker venture just six months after our founding: VAI. We developed this on-demand platform for purchase financing together with Berliner Volksbank.

Strengthen the core

Kilian Veer,
Helmut Kranzmaier,
Sebastian Esser.

Photo of Bridgemaker Team

"Companies have undreamt-of opportunities. Our job is to recognize these potentials and exploit them. It's not about pitting the old world against the new world, but finding the most efficient combination."

Business as unusual

BOLD Conference 2020

We want to bring people and knowledge together. That's why we launched our own business conference - an important milestone. The BOLD Conference is a platform for the cross-industry exchange of successes, failures and experiences.

The BOLD Conference is a special place for personal exchange, inspiration and networking.

Expand the core

Philippa Köhnk,
Christian Reichmann
Alexander Thieme

"Company builders need to be flexible and adaptable to make quick decisions. Bridgemaker combines entrepreneurship with a doer mentality – that has a future."

  • 100+ Outstanding Employees
  • 15+ nationalities

We are in this together

Just as we celebrate our successes together, we also share all the risks. That's why we are the only corporate venture builder to work according to the equity partnership principle.

Without major external financing, we have the setup to offeran end-to-end service. We are not just consultants – we are a multidisciplinary team that accompanies our customers on their journey in the long term.

Photo snippet of OfficePhoto snippet of OfficePhoto snippet of OfficePhoto snippet of Office

We move to stay

Today, Bridgemaker counts more than 100 brilliant minds - and we continue to grow. We are united by a shared passion and respect for established companies that have the courage to develop new business models outside their core business.

Our new office at Linienstrasse 86 is a place full of positivity. Here we welcome everyone who wants to break new ground with us and build the companies of tomorrow.

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