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NESTOR - Digitizing the security industry: Opening up new markets


LivEye GmbH



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Venture Architect, Hardware Design, Software Design, Development, Marketing, Sales

"NESTOR represents a significant disruption in the security industry, reaching new customer segments and setting us apart from the competition. It demonstrates our commitment to redefine the market and positions LivEye as a leading security solutions provider."

Carsten Simons

CEO LivEye

#LeadGen #SEO #CustomerJourney

Conversion-optimized landing page

We have developed a landing page optimized for performance marketing and lead generation that forms the starting point for a seamless digital customer journey.

#MVP #Software #Security-as-a-Service

An innovative planning tool

The planner is a novelty in the industry. It enables the exact number of surveillance cameras required to be determined and resources to be allocated efficiently.

#Hardware #ProductDesign #Development

Jointly developed hardware

In collaboration with LivEye and external hardware developers, we coordinated the development of a completely new camera product for the LivEye portfolio.

The Challenge

Together with NordHolding, a second pillar was to be identified and operationally established for the construction monitoring company LiveEye in order to open up a new digital growth area. The aim was to position itself as a pioneer in digitalization in the traditional security industry.

Our solution

With the transfer of assets and technologies from the portfolio to industrial use, we have succeeded in establishing a "security-as-a-service" business model in an emerging market with NESTOR. A three-person Bridgemaker team also took over the operational development of this second pillar.



The first eight expressions of interest


The first paying pilot customer


Launch of the landing page (under a test brand)


The first online lead (via planning tool)


Launch of the internal LivEye app


The first month with more online than offline leads

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