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More time for real sustainability thanks to AI-supported ESG reporting




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Venture Architects

"This tool is a great help. Originally, we expected the writing process to take two months, but with this tool it is possible to reduce this to three to four weeks."


Head of Sustainability

#GenKI #ESG regulation #ProofOfConcept

Co-Pilot: Proof of feasibility

Successful proof of concept for the AI co-pilot: The virtual assistant is able to answer questions on ESG regulation.

#GenKI #ESG reporter #ProofOfConcept

AI "ESG-Reporter": Proof of concept

A further proof of concept in the form of an AI model that generates an ESG report chapter with minimal data input was successfully implemented.

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Conducting interviews

Interest in both products was confirmed in more than 5 external test interviews.

The Challenge

Understanding and implementing the new, complex and comprehensive ESG regulations remains a constant challenge, even for experienced ESG experts. Extensive research into the new regulations for precise client advice and the manual creation of report texts take up a lot of time and human resources.

Our solution

With our dynamic, iterative approach, we were able to harness the momentum of AI to develop two AI solutions to help understand complex ESG regulations and produce compliant reports. We benefited from our experience in designing AI-based business models and testing them commercially.



Selection of two AI business models after the ideation phase


Completion of two proof of concepts within six weeks

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