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Intelligent sensors and software - LIZ Smart Office optimizes (hybrid) working




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"LIZ is our figurehead who will lead the Waldmann Group into the future. In just a few years, the data generated by our smart luminaires will be just as important to our customers as the light they use to illuminate their offices."

Christoph Waldmann

Next Gen family entrepreneur and CEO of Waldmann Engineers of Light

#validation #idea generation #software

Validation phase of the ideas

How can software around office lighting add value? In countless interviews, market tests and analyses, we have found out that space utilization and social interaction are more important than monitoring limit values.

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LIZ Smart Office Software

The combination of LTX sensor technology with the workspace reservation app enables flexible and efficient work in hybrid office environments. LIZ organizes the workday intuitively and brings employees and free workspaces together spontaneously through the LED display of the sensors.

#team #recruiting #organizational structure

Team Recruiting & Organization Building

Together with Waldmann, we defined key roles for LIZ and established a new organization. The team now consists of around 20 dedicated employees, including both new hires and employees from the Waldmann Group.

The Challenge

Waldmann was looking for ways to be present in space management, service and operations beyond office lighting, using the IoT features of lighting. How are workplace organization and team presence cleverly combined in (hybrid) work contexts?

Our solution

LIZ is now the software division of the Waldmann Group. New customers can buy not only office lighting from Waldmann, but also software-driven "New Work". At the same time, LIZ also appeals to those who have not yet purchased luminaires from Waldmann.



B-M and Waldmann Project Kick-Off


End of the validation phase with over 50 interviews


Start of software development


Foundation of LIZ Smart Office in Berlin


First pilot customers with IoT prototypes


Hiring external team independent of B-M


Winning the 50th customer & release of new features

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