Up to 65% increase in value through digital investments: The path to exceptional returns through innovation

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"Digitalization is the linchpin of today's private equity. At Bridgemaker, we see how the combination of (digital) venture building with PE strategies not only increases process efficiency, but also enables innovative breakthroughs that fundamentally transform portfolios." (Ronja Hohls, Project Lead)

Digitalization is not a luxury, but a necessity

Digital value creation is not an empty promise - it is an achievable goal for any private equity company that is willing to use innovation as a guide for sustainable growth and long-term value creation. Digitalization is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. In a world where digital assets are becoming increasingly important, B-M is the strategic partner that guides PE firms safely through the challenges of digital transformation.

Increase in asset value by up to 65

As a partner for digital value creation, B-M accompanies PE companies from the initial investment to the planning of a suitable exit strategy. Our approach is based on proven methodologies and aims at value creation that can increase the asset multiple by up to 65%. B-M supports PE professionals through the PE Execution Studio, which translates strategic visions into tangible results by realizing value creation directly in the portfolio companies.

The three-stage plan for digital maturity

Our approach to increasing the digital maturity of your company follows a clear three-step plan:

1st assessment: A thorough analysis of your company's current digital maturity based on our specific questionnaires.

2. derivation: Based on the results of the questionnaires, we work with you to identify the areas in which your portfolio company needs support and where the greatest opportunities for digital value creation lie.

  • Digital vision & strategy: Maximizing digital growth potential through a clearly defined vision and specific OKRs. 
  • Digital trends, opportunities & risks: Understanding the digital environment, trends and future technologies to take advantage of opportunities and minimize risks.
  • Digital products & services: Use the digital strength of your offerings to penetrate new markets with sophisticated innovation concepts and establish new, sales-boosting products and services in existing markets.
  • Digital customer engagement: Develop strategies to reach your customers where they are most active - in the digital space.
  • Operational excellence & automation: Optimize internal processes to make your core business faster and more efficient.
  • Digital infrastructure & data management: Laying the foundations to turn data into tangible results.
  • Digital organization & working methods: Accelerate growth through targeted talent acquisition, team optimization, expert knowledge and efficient project management.

3. operationalization: In the final phase, we implement the developed strategies together with you in workshops in order to achieve measurable results and a sustainable increase in value.

Case Study: All4Labels

All4Labels, a Triton portfolio company, has doubled its operational efficiency in two years through digital innovation. Adrian Tippenhauer, CEO of All4Labels: "Our digital transformation has been crucial, especially through the creation of the digital venture Palamo as a start-up twin of our core business under the leadership of Bridgemaker. This has significantly accelerated our EBITDA growth and established us as a pioneer in a new market segment - a key factor in All4Labels' impressive development."

Market leadership through digitalization

For private equity firms, the use of digital tools throughout the investment cycle is not just an opportunity to add value, but a transformative transformation that redefines the value chain. Working with digital experts provides deal captains with essential resources to effectively execute growth strategies and deliver significant returns. 


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