🏡 Our new home is ready - Linienstrasse 86

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An entire office building in Berlin-Mitte - Linienstrasse 86

We have big plans!
We are continuing to grow. We are manifesting this growth by moving into our new headquarters. The decision for a new office at a time of controversial discussions about how much office space is still necessary in a hybrid setup was a key question. I am firmly convinced that a place for interpersonal encounters is essential for a good and inclusive corporate culture. Our new home creates an incredible amount of space for exchange, creativity and inspiration and offers the opportunity to shape our future in completely new dimensions.

I'm really looking forward to creating new business models on site with fun and joy, living our extraordinary team spirit and creating new valuable connections.

We have found such a place at Linienstrasse 86 - and I think it's magical ✨

In a building with almost 140 years of history and spectacular architecture, old meets new and creates a place on four floors where employees, partner companies and friends come together and a unique corporate innovation hub - at least that's my wish - is created for Berlin.

A thousand thanks to our internal Bridgemaker project team for their perseverance. Many thanks also to the team at St. Oberholz for their valuable expertise, to our landlords and architects and to everyone who has accompanied us on this journey for their fantastic work! 🙏

We are currently in the middle of the final preparations before we open the doors in April. I'm really looking forward to it and can't wait to welcome you all ❤️


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