🇨🇭 Switzerland - here we come!

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I founded Bridgemaker with the mission of strengthening SMEs in the DACH region through commercially successful innovations and accompanying them into the future. I am therefore particularly pleased that, in addition to Germany and Austria, we are now also active with Bridgemaker in Switzerland and are able to work together with the Ricola family business.

💡 With its impressive product portfolio, Ricola is one of the most innovative sweet manufacturers in the world. 🌍 The company produces seven billion sweets a year for customers in over 45 countries. 🤝 Now in its third generation, the company manufactures its products in Switzerland with the aim of combining tradition and progress.

This is precisely what drives us and is therefore the perfect basis for successful collaboration and exciting future projects in Switzerland. I am looking forward to the cooperation and am incredibly proud of my team for making this partnership possible.

Special thanks go to Thomas P. Meier, Raphael Richterich, Stefan Boenders and Carmen Spielmann - we are excited to see what is possible with our combined power.


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