Mental health at Bridgemaker.

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💗 We need to take care of the mental health of our teams. It's not a small thing and it's not a nice extra. It's a fundamental responsibility as a manager.

At Bridgemaker, "BE YOU" is part of our employer value proposition. Every employee is unique and I am convinced that this uniqueness is the key. But when stress and worry take over, there is little room for joy, fun or creation. We must therefore ensure that we protect and promote the mental strength of our teams.

One of our measures: Since the beginning of this year, we have been working with a strong partner in this area. 🫂 This gives our team access to anonymous one-to-one meetings with psychological specialists or coaches at any time. That is close to my heart. My vision with Bridgemaker is to create a working environment in which everyone can fully develop their individual strengths, passions and ideas - and has the power to do so. 💪 Sabrina Kosse


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