My review of the year: Lots of momentum and realized opportunities

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2022 was challenging. But I am pleased to see that we have experienced a positive influx despite the macroeconomic situation. It demonstrates that the German economy has learned from past crises, that those who emerge from times of crisis as winners are those who think boldly and proactively in new, innovative business models in order to tap into additional growth areas.

"It's time to build!" as Andreessen Horowitz says in his essay. We are in an era in which infrastructure, production, services, distribution and energy need to be built according to new rules - networked, intelligent and sustainable. An opportunity that we must seize together and for which I founded Bridgemaker 6 years ago. That's why I'm incredibly proud that we have once again established four ventures this year together with our partners:

💉 With Tracie, Greiner Bio-One International is digitizing blood collection processes and demonstrating efficiency and quality improvement in harmony - in line with the hospital reform.

🏠 With ATOLL Living Spaces GmbH, BLANC & FISCHER is questioning the way living spaces are designed and strengthening its direct-to-consumer business.

With flexi - Sparkasse Bremen flexi GmbH, Sparkasse Bremen AG is transferring the principle of leasing to the real estate sector and countering stagnating real estate markets with a lease-purchase model.

♻️ With Circulix, Munich Re launched a platform outside its core business that supports companies in implementing circularity strategies.

For Bridgemaker as an organization, it was important to set important pillars in 2022 after years of strong growth:

🏠 We have moved into our "new home" at Linienstr. 86. It was a conscious decision to provide a strong impetus for community and collaboration in turbulent times characterized by remote work.

🌎 With Bridgemaker Gulf, we are entering an exciting but also challenging region with huge potential. Commissioned by the Dubai Ministry of Economy, we are introducing the concept of venture building to family businesses within the Thabat program.

All in all, 2022 was a positive year for Bridgemaker and me as an entrepreneur, despite the unexpected dynamics. We learned and were able to demonstrate true agility as an organization. I would like to sincerely thank our partners, friends and above all our great team, whose perseverance and team spirit made this year possible in the first place.

Our ambitions for the new year are big. We will rethink many things to be the best support for our partners for creative growth and a great place to work.

Now I wish us all peace and space to recharge our batteries and find inspiration to start the new year full of energy together. A magical Christmas season to you all 🎄


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