Keeping it in the family

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For me, family businesses are not just partners with whom I am passionate about collaborating through Bridgemaker and my advisory board mandates on the topics of generational change, digitalization and new business areas. The importance of these companies is crucial for maintaining prosperity in our country; they are the backbone of the German economy and society:

💡 They account for 90% of all active companies in Germany.
⚒ They provide 58% of employees with their workplace.
💶 They account for 52% of the total turnover of the German economy.

So when Dr. Florian Langenscheidt and Prof. Dr. Peter May invited me to focus on their importance, fascinating stories and impressive personalities, I was immediately convinced: The result is the volume "Aus bester Familie" (From the best family), recently published by the ZEIT publishing group, which portrays over 100 successful family businesses - from global corporations such as Miele to many of our partners such as Henkel and Ottobock to those that are less in the public eye, but in their sum and diversity form the breeding ground of the German economy.

An exciting and important work that once again makes it clear how crucial it is to work together with these companies to make our country fit for the future.

Thank you to everyone involved in this wonderful project 😍🙏

You can order the volume here:


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