Future proof due diligence: discover hidden growth potential in less than 3 weeks

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"Future Proof Due Diligence enables PE professionals to identify hidden opportunities in a company even before the acquisition and turn them into concrete plans for a rapid increase in value." (Sebastian Esser, Partner)

Acquisition decision with growth potential in just three weeks

Imagine that you, as a PE professional, could look into the future of a company in just three weeks - recognizing and quantifying its hidden growth potential before the final decision on an acquisition has to be made. This is exactly what our B-M Future Proof Due Diligence (DD) makes possible. At a time when speed is as important as accuracy, our approach offers a solution that not only saves time, but also provides accurate insights into the future potential of acquisition targets. For PE professionals looking for more than a classic status quo due diligence for their portfolio companies, this is a decisive advantage.

Future-oriented supplement to classic due diligence

From the outset, we draw on existing data structures such as company and due diligence reports and use these as a basis to not only identify clear growth potential within less than three weeks, but also to precisely quantify this potential and assess its feasibility. Our approach enables us to efficiently translate this potential into a step-by-step action plan that can be implemented immediately after the takeover - without lengthy planning phases. This efficiency and speed not only means considerable time savings in the dynamic phase of deal-making, but also a strategic advantage that enables more informed and faster decisions.

Analysis, evaluation and recommendation for action: The B-M Future Proof DD

Our Future Proof Due Diligence approach consists of three efficient steps that provide deep insights and clear recommendations for action for private equity professionals.

1. evaluation: We start with a detailed analysis and evaluation of the product, customer engagement, operations and infrastructure based on targeted key questions. Through reverse engineering, we examine the value proposition and structure of the company. We then conduct customer and market analyses as well as competitive comparisons to create a comprehensive profile of strengths, potentials, weaknesses and risks.

2. outlook: Based on the initial analyses, we develop concrete options for action. These include the creation of product development plans, the review of sales strategies and an initial assessment of the integration of technical systems. For each option, we carry out a detailed assessment and recommendation, taking into account the required effort, feasibility and the likely effectiveness of the measures.

3. scenarios: In the final step, we develop a well-founded investment hypothesis, examine various alternatives and draw up a precise roadmap for the implementation phase with the clear aim of quickly reaching the value creation phase. We weigh up the pros and cons of purchase, partnership or in-house development (buy, partner, build) and draw up an initial plan for the upcoming implementation, including an investment strategy. In essence, the aim is to develop a plan that exploits the full potential and can be implemented directly in order to generate value for the asset effectively and as quickly as possible.

Use our Future Proof DD as a springboard

In a world where digital transformation is crucial for long-term success, our Future Proof DD enables the fast and efficient identification of growth potential that can be realized step by step through a systematic action plan. For PE professionals aiming for a sustainable increase in value, this is the chance to be one step ahead and discover and exploit hidden growth opportunities in the shortest possible time. By combining time savings, accelerated value creation and increased probability of success, our Future Proof Due Diligence lays the foundation for a progressive investment strategy that is ideally positioned in the dynamic world of digital transformation.

Arrange a 15-minute meeting with our PE expert and partner Sebastian Esser to explore your individual opportunities in the digital transformation and learn how you can maximize your success with our Future Proof Due Diligence.


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