✨ Boldness has genius, power and magic in it

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I opened our BOLD 21 conference last week with this sentence. Recognizing and exploiting new opportunities. Building on existing strengths. In conversations on and off the stage, one thing became clear: there is a strong desire for innovation in the development of new business models and a desire for more cooperation.

But the upcoming #Bundestag election was also a key topic at BOLD 21. What is the future viability of Germany as a location for business and innovation? How can we combine entrepreneurial spirit, competitiveness and innovation? These fundamental questions relating to specific digital and technology strategies and digital transformation are being given far too little attention in the current election campaign of the leading parties.

BOLD 21 has made it clear that there is a lot of potential in Germany. We just need to have the courage to use it. For an efficient economy, for a sustainable environmental protection policy, for openness to the world, diversity and so much more.

Change means speaking out.
Change means taking a stand.
Change implies getting involved.

On Sunday, we choose the mindset that will determine our future.


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