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Family business

Venture building program strengthens family businesses in the UAE


UAE Ministry of Economy



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Venture Architects, Product, Design, People (HR)

"Thabat's collaborative model and working with Bridgemaker has allowed us to reshape our path as a family business and explore new industries and business models."

Maitha Al Yousuf

Group Director of HR at Al Yousuf Group & Co-Founder Nutralis

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Thabat & Social Media

Thabat relies on a strong online presence to publicize the Corporate Venture Building Program in the UAE. Thabat is supported by government campaigns of the Ministry of Economy.

#Apterra #Platform #Property management

Thabat's first venture - Apterra

Together with the family-owned company Alserkal, we developed Apterra - a digital platform for property management that covers everything from work orders to general matters and offers a modern user interface.

#Nutralis #Healthcare industry #Knowledge sharing

Thabat's second venture - Nutralis

Together with the family business Al Yousuf, we founded Nutralis - a platform that brings together manufacturers of nutritional supplements with health experts and thus promotes trade and knowledge exchange in the health sector.

The Challenge

Family businesses form the backbone of the economy in the UAE. However, new technologies and rapid change are putting them under pressure to act: they need to generate sustainable growth, innovate effectively and preserve their valuable family heritage.

Our solution

Thabat, an initiative of the UAE Ministry of Economy and Bridgemaker, offers tailor-made support for family businesses. They receive the necessary tools and know-how for innovative ventures that continue the family legacy.



Kick-Off Thabat 1.0


Launched venture: Apterra (family business Alserkal)


Launched venture: Nutralis (Al Yousuf family business)


Closing ceremony Thabat 1.0


Kick-Off Thabat 2.0

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