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Venture Building
Creator Economy

newww studio - Customized merchandising products for creators and their communities




Retail trade

Business model

B2B, B2C

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Venture Architects, Product, Design

"With newww studio, influencers and content creators can design individual merchandising products for themselves and their communities. This allows us to solve the challenge of effectively monetizing their reach outside of brand collaborations."

Ronja Hohls

Lead Venture Architect Bridgemaker & Project Lead newww studio

#User centricity #Market launch #Online presence

Interactive service platform

newww studio has developed an interactive service platform that is more than just a conventional online store. With product configurators and consultation appointments, it offers a user-centered solution for creators to bring their ideas to market quickly and efficiently for their communities.

#brand building #marketing #go2market

Social Media & Marketing Ads

newww studio relied on a strong social media strategy, particularly on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok, combined with targeted Google and meta ads. A key element was the integration of user-generated content (UGC) to promote authenticity and engagement.

#e-commerce #configurator #webshop

Configurator for core products

The development of a product configurator for the web store was at the heart of newww studio's e-commerce strategy. This enables creators to customize core products and thus increase the customer satisfaction of their communities.

#Offline #Networking #Conversion

Agency & Creator Event

newww studio organized a networking dinner for agencies and creators to present products and services and promote direct sales talks. This targeted offline event effectively initiated new partnerships and strengthened existing relationships.

#CustomerJourney #CRM #Automation

Optimization of the sales process

newww studio optimizes the sales process with an intelligent customer journey and a CRM system. Automation creates efficient, customer-centric sales processes that not only improve the user experience but also increase sales.

The Challenge

Development of a new business model in the "Creator Economy" that meets the zeitgeist of the target group and addresses the challenge for creators: the effective monetization of their reach outside of brand cooperations. At the same time, we utilize the unfair advantages of a global sourcing agency to leverage them profitably.

Our solution

With newww studio, we have created a full-service model that enables creators to create individual products. We take care of the entire process, from product selection, design, sourcing and fulfillment to setting up your own e-commerce store. This allows creators to concentrate on their core competence, content creation, and successfully develop into full-time creators with a secure income.



Kick-Off: B-M x ISA-TRESKO


Value Proposition Alignment


First landing page under the name "C-3 Studio"


First Creator Shop live


Rebranding: "newww studio"

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