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Family business
Venture Building

RYTLE sets the standard for climate-friendly "last mile" logistics


Bernard Krone Holding



Business model


Team size

Venture Architects, Product

Validation of the software solutions

Interviews, user testing based on click prototypes and implementation of proof of concepts with potential customers

New website including configurator

Development of a new RYTLE website including a vehicle configurator as the basis for online lead generation

Digitization of processes

As a basis to enable data-driven management of the company

Recruiting support

Our People Team has actively contributed to complementing the RYTLE team and expanded it to over 70 employees.

The Challenge

RYTLE solves the challenge of the "last mile" of the supply chain in urban areas, i.e. the final stage of delivering goods to the end customer, which is often inefficient, costly and environmentally damaging.

Our solution

RYTLE solves this challenge with an innovative, integrated system consisting of e-cargo bikes, modular swap containers and intelligent logistics software. This enables flexible, efficient and environmentally friendly delivery that is specifically tailored to the challenges and conditions of urban areas.



Kick-off B-M and KRONE Group


End of the idea generation phase in the area of software incl. 60 expert interviews


PoCs with 4 potential customers for product validation and further development


Start of operational support for RYTLE in the areas of commercialization and product development


Series production of the MovR3 cargo wheel


Go-live of the new RYTLE website

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